Thursday, 11 June 2009

Poem 3. Avocet

Last of the A's
End of the beginning
I've nothing to say

I've nothing to say
Everything is known
I've nothing to say

Your beauty is obvious
I've nothing to add
I've nothing to say


My dad fell off a wall at the villa in Spain so we were stuck out there for weeks! I was bored enough for the week we were supposed to be there. No telly. No i-pod (I forgot my charger) No computer. Aaargh!

I really missed Martin (sorry to be soppy Mart) and my little brother made friends with a little weirdo brat from Bristol called Piddy who was either screaming at the top of his voice about Transformers or trying to look up my skirt/down my top. Mom reckons he was "going through a difficult stage" and that I wasn't helping by covering his Optimus Prime in raw egg and then baking it for ten minutes.

We got back yesterday at about two in the morning. It has been nearly a month since I put a bird poem up. I promise I will never leave you so long again.